Friday, 21 January 2011

Written, sent and now waiting

Yesterday I sent out most of my wedding invitations. These invitations are beautifully quirky. Designed by the very talented Zoe Sadler. Zoe is an illustrator who has recently branched out into wedding stationery.
My wedding has a vintage glam feel, and I wanted my invitations to reflect this, but I also wanted to have a Zoe style twist.

Seems to me planning a wedding is one huge learning curve. So for any brides to be out there, here are some tips to make the invitation process a little easier:
1. Don't leave it until 3 months before your wedding to decide what you want your invitations to look like
2. Have a definite number of guests
3. Make sure you know the correct spellings of all your guests' names
4. Don't try to write your invitations when you have to deal with a tipsy fiancé
5. And finally, most importantly don't use ribbons around you're inquisitive 9-month old kitten.

So now the invitations have gone out it's a waiting game for the RSVPs to come back. Woop woop.

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  1. Thank you so much for the mention on your new blog. I am delighted you and Charlie loved your invites. Not too long to go before the big day now. I can't wait and will happily be by your side as one of your bridesmaids. Inky wishes x