Saturday, 29 January 2011

Knit one, purl one, drop one... scream!

Barney Owl by Fluff and Fuzz
My friend has shared an absolutely gorgeous knitting pattern of a Barney Owl by the very talented Amanda Berry. It's incredibly cute, and very simple knit - Bonus! Now I admit that I'm not the fastest knitter in the world, but I shared this pattern, and several others, with my Mum, and she's already knitted about half of them. In 2 days! Well, I thought to myself, this is a challenge, I must start knitting my Owl. Three days on, only done 40 rows. But it's a start.
However, my knitting speed isn't really the main problem. My fiancé has announced to me that his least favourite of my hobbies is to knit, and here's his reasons why:
1. I ignore him
2. I drop stitches and sigh alot
3. Eventually I get so mad at my knitting I throw it away in discuss
4. That leaves me grumpy, and I then take my grumpiness out on him
Of course I feel this is all highly unfair. He should support me in my knitting, and my occassional frustrations with said knitting.
So now, I'm going to finish my rant and get back to knitting my Barney Owl. Don't forget to check out Fluff and Fuzz for some of the most adorable knitted animals I've come across.

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