Saturday, 29 January 2011

A day of vintage finds

I love a good bargain. And even though sometimes I have been accused of *shock* being called a snob, I do like to have a rummage around and find myself some second hand goodies. Especially when they are as pretty as my finds.
I went to the Bette Noir vintage fair today, and as per usual it was absolutely packed. And also as per usual, there were tons of fabulous finds. But I was there, raring to go bang on 11am. Unfortunately so was everyone else...
My friend, with her luckily size smaller than me feet, nabbed some gorgeous grey heels, and I found a couple of lovely dresses.
This is a really pretty, just very sheer, boob tube dress, with tons of dainty flowers all over it. Just need to find something to wear underneath.
And this bargain navy dress for just £3. Though I have set a little bit of challenge with this. It's a couple of sizes too big. But I am willing to give dress alterations a go. Who knows, I may even find a hidden talent!

So after kitting out my wardrobe in the morning, I popped into a charity shop where my fiancé found a gorgeous kitchen table. It's really warmed up an otherwise very white kitchen. Just need to sell our breakfast bar now.

And leaving my absolute favourite to last. My new china teacup set. Just so pretty. Only £7 for 4 cups and saucers, and 6 side plates. Plus wrapped in loads of newspaper so I have a whole stack to line the cat's litter tray now :)
But now the dilemma, do I use the teacups for drinking tea. Or put them to a decorative use and make candles out of them. Hmmmm. Decisions, decisions...

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