Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Listen up Miss Middleton... from one bride to another...

With the royal wedding just a few days away, I felt that it's only right I do my part by making my blog a little more wedding focused, and part a few pearls of wisdom to the bride-to-be. This is also a tad self-indulgent having recently married myself, hence my lovely new profile picture.

My wedding day was an absolute dream.But also like a dream, you look back on it and it's all a bit of a blur. Even whilst I sat down ready to eat my meal, I couldn't remember the earlier parts of the day. So this brings me to Charlie Moment pearl of wisdom number one: cherish every moment. Now of course, every angle of this wedding will be filmed, photographed, tweeted, and God knows what else, so when Kate sits down a few weeks later for a few moments to quietly relive the day, she's likely to have a moment by moment account recorded in some media or other. And to be fair, most brides do. But they are only snippets of memory.

I mentioned my meal, it's probably the most expensive part of the day. We'd planned it, worried about it, tested it, and come the day, I couldn't even eat it! It wasn't due to nerves, but due to discomfort. So pearl of wisdom number two: Make sure your bra isn't too tight. Between the main course and dessert, I had to drag my mother off to the bathroom to relieve me of the offending garment. An incident I hoped no one would notice, but of course, as some guest delicately put it, when I returned to sit for my meal, it was obvious that something wasn't quite so enhanced. Oh well. At least I could enjoy my cheesecake pain free.

Pearl of wisdom number three: take your time down the aisle. Ok, there is a noticable difference here, Kate will be walking down Westminster Abbey aisle, I walked down a country church aisle, so she may feel the need to hurry. But as soon as you step into that church, nerves take over, and  you will start pacing towards the altar. Don't. Not only because you'll lose that moment where everyone can ooh and aaah over 'that' dress, but you may also find you're standing next to your groom after only the first beat of 'Here Comes the Bride'. It can be a bit a awkward, just standing there. Though did give my husband-to-be a chance to make cheeky query about whether or not I was making up for lost time. I was only fifteen minutes late!

So anyway, my few pearls of wisdom for our Princess-in-waiting, or for any brides out there. But seriously, just enjoy every wonderful second. I know I did.

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